Upgrade your LM files

I've been fighting the damn License Manager for almost a year and with no
help from this group.
I finally found the answer: Go to Macrovision.com and upgrade your
lmtools,etc. All I did was download the three files, stop my license
services, replace the existing files, restart the services. Bam. Now the
licenses release automatically when the app is closed.
The LM app which ships with ACAD is broken. Upgrade it.
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admin too
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This is peer to peer support. Your dealer is your first line of support. Were they no help?
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R.K. McSwain
Intervision out of San Jose. They were no help. They did come onsite and install it, but they could never figure out how to release the license and how to 'check out' the license, which of course they claimed as benefits from our purchase. We're ready to buy a couple more seats actually and I'm looking for another vendor.
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admin too

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