XL and AUTOCAD and Printer

This is the problem: We work with Autocad and sometimes we print on our HP
CP1700. Everything's OK but the thing that whenever we've pasted an XL table
on a dwg, it's almost impossible to get the drawing perfectly printed.
Whether the table doesn't appear to be complete, or any other thing in the
drawing prints wrong.....this is driving us crazy.
If we plot the same file on our HP 500 plotter there's absolutely no
problem. So we think it has something to do with the printer...
Any suggestion?
Many thanks!
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You might want to take a look at XL2Cad from Dotsoft. It references Excel files into AutoCAD. I use XL2Cad and it serves my purposes well.
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S. Scalise
We have the 1700 too. Make sure to set it as your default system printer and select that printer as your output device when you plot. OLE objects only print correctly to a default windows system printer.
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