Coolant Centrifugal pumps... seen one, seen'em all??

Awl --
My GR510 is so effing big, I couldn't fit their oem coolant tank, so I
ordered a fiberglass one from Ronco (60 gal: 55 x 20 x 14), which fits MUCH
better than the haas monster.
Now it's pump time. The Fadal has a nice 1/2 hp Graymills centrifugal,
really blasts at over 30 psi, but I'm not going to need blasted (flood) type
levels, cuz the haas has programmable coolant, so you get pretty well-aimed
coolant for all tools -- nice option.
AND the nature of the haas is such that you don't want flood-type coolant
(open gantry mill), and most of the ops are lite, mostly drilling, tapping,
contouring of 1/8" and 1/4" alum. The Z is only 11", as gantries aren't
famous for Z.
My heaviest ops are going to be prepping the table with mebbe 1/2-13
So the Q is: what hp do I really need? If the 1/2 hp graymill is any
indication, proly 1/4 MAX.
And the next Q is: Would a HD/HF centrifugal sump-type pump do just as
well? Or even Little Giant centrifugals?
Here's some graymills jobbies:
formatting link
Here's HF:
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In particular
formatting link

formatting link

These both give head of about 30 ft, sposedly.
The graymills is certainly better built, will last longer, and the $300 for
their 1/4 hp won't kill me, but if a $50 HF will do, mebbe I can use it as a
sump pump when I need it.... lol
Opinions? Idears?
Did I say "give head"???
That should have been "have heads", of course.....
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I've been using a little Little Giant condensate drain pump for coolant for years, and it works fine. Enough pressure with a little nozzle to throw coolant all over the place, which I don't want to do, so I have a throttling valve on it to adjust the flow so I get the required cooing without the splatter. But, I almost exclusively do micro-milling, so the chips are dust-sized and I really don't need much flow.
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Jon Elson
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Several Gusher 1p3 SHORT on ebay at the moment for cheap, older fadala came with these before they started using graymill...same mounting pattern etc but the SHORT model only reaches into the tank by 8in deep or so IIRC.
BTW I need a mediumi--you happen to stumble across one appreciate a heads up.
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