OT: Today's San Diego Padres Game

Sat in our company's super expensive suite. Eat shrimp, sampled the
desert cart, etc.... all no charge.
Had a lousy time.
The Florida Marlins played much better and have far more talent. I'd
rather sit in lousy seats and watch a team play that wants to win and
has talent. I had a much better time watching minor league baseball
when I lived in New Haven, Connecticut (The New Haven Ravens.... when
I went Todd Helton was playing for the Raven's and hadn't made it to
the big leagues yet.) I had much more fun and had a much better time
back then. For whatever reason the San Diego Padres won't spend money
on talent and it shows.
Jon Banquer
San Diego, CA
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There is another company that won't spend money in Talent. And it Shows!
Hoping to impress somebody, anybody, by your tale?
This gets sadder to witness everyday.
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