Battery room ventilation requirements

Hi all,
Has anyone seen the latest version of ASHRAE Guideline 21P relating to
Battery room ventilation requirements? I am aware that the 1997 version of
ASHRAE standard required 6 air changes per hour.
However, with the latest in battery technology such as VRLA (Valve Regulated
Lead Acid) batteries and Sealed Ni-CD / MgOH batteries, has this requirement
been revised? Search revealed that a ASHRAE committee meeting was called
for in October 2001 to discus the latest version of the Guideline 21P.
Are there any other standards that spells out the requirements for battery
room ventilation?
Thanks and regards,
Raj Sreenevasan
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Raj Sreenevasan
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Allan Morrison
Sorry about the delay - someone else here snaffled the Standards:
All I could find was AS 2359.2 (the SAA Industrial Truck Code!) Clause 2.7 talks about battery room ventilation and calls up AS1482 (ventilation of explosive atmospheres).
Basically, it seems that if you comply with the older battery room requirements, the new ones are way less stringent.
I hope this helps, Cameron:-)
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Cameron Dorrough
Cameron, I have subsequently discovered (from people who have worked with Telstra exchanges) that the ventilation requirements are governed in Australia by AS2676 Parts 1 & 2 as well as AS3011 Parts 1 & 2. Telephony applications are goverened by AS3015 Parts 1 & 2. Cheers, Raj
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Raj Sreenevasan
Thanks, Raj - I'll keep that info on file. You never know when it's likely to be needed.. :-)
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Cameron Dorrough

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