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I'm trying to evaluate some SCADA vendors among the following attributes below (basically rank them as High, Very High, Very Low, etc) but I'm having a hard time finding reliable references for Honeywell Experion PKS and ABB's Operate SCADA Vision.

Integration to legacy systems and devices Subsetability and variability Ease of Operation Scalability Architecture Data Integrity Redundancy and Availability Low Engineering costs Use of modern software techniques Reduces Pipeline operation costs Asset Management Security

Does anyone have an opinion on them ?

Thanks !

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Have you looked at the Wonderware website?

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BIGEYE napisa³(a):

Hi, I'm also interested in this topic, I've looked briefly at ww website, but haven't found it. If You can point to some comparision (I suppose you've in mind a kind of comparision on ww website), I'd be grateful.


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Since you are interested: Don't worry about the Wonderware site, it won't tell you any more than any other SCADA vendors site will.

There is no practical way to do a comparison in the way that the OP asked. Two reasons:

  1. Software vendors will do/say anything at all to convince you their system is the best.
  2. The software is being revised ("improved") continously.

If you do not already have a System Integrator pushing you in a particular direction (fortunate indeed!), the best advice is to select the software that most closely matches your hardware e.g. if you're using Rockwell use RSView, if Siemens use WinCC, for everything else use Citect ;-).

The OP mentioned *systems*, specifically Honeywell and ABB, in his post and not SCADA - in that case, choose the *system* that most closely matches the


HTH, Cameron:-)

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Cameron Dorrough

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