How to convert simple ASCII code to OPC protocol

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I got a software which receive signal from hardware, and then the software send out ASCII code to one com port, e.g. @0324Z1!. This ASCII code is received by another software in other computer through rs-232 com port. Now, we need to use the OPC protocol to communicate with other computer. Sow what is the step I needed to convert this simple ASCII code to OPC protocol? Do I need to write an OPC server which get ASCII code from the com port? And then use the the OPC client to acess the ASCII code from the OPC Server? Where can I get those Dll or Library for software development?


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I haven't used it myself, but the User Definable Protocol from

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looks like what you want. Free download of the development toolkit.


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We've been using OmniServer for years for this type of application. You can download a trial version from Software Toolbox (

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