I was wondering if there is anyone in this group actively working on the PRofibus field bus. I had some questions about it and I noticed that most of the posts about Profibus are quiet old. If there is anyone involved in profibus please reply back or if you know any other group more suitable to PROFIBUS discussions please let me know.


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Why don't you just ask your question?


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Michael Hemmer

We are supporting PROFIBUS (DP, FDL, FMS ... master/slave) since round about 10 years for QNX4 and now for QNX6.3.

We have also done an implementation for RTAI Linus ...

What are your questions?

Best Regards

Armin Steinhoff


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Armin Steinhoff

VInfosec schrieb:

We did realize Profibus-FDL and Profibus-DP for different Microcontrollers: MC68360, MPC860 and DSP56F803. Please feel free to ask any questions.

There is a newsgroup: cern.fieldbus.profibus, but not much live in it.

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Juergen Pfeiffer

I currently work with SIEMENS Profibus and have probbily had any problem you can imagine so let tbhe questions fly

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Daniel Kozlowski

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