Watson Marlow peristaltic pump gearbox

We are currently using a Watson-Marlow 501DF/RL peristaltic pump with a 501RL pump head (motor itself = 1380 rpm). The original gearbox reduces the rpm to 213 rpm.

However this is too fast for us and even by changing the frequency we can't obtain what we want. We would like to change the gearbox with another model of gearbox having better ratios.

Can anyone provide information about the make of gearboxes Watson-Marlow is using? The entire unit is painted in bright orange, so I can't read anything about make or model. The motor comes from Cemp (Italy). However, when I do ask W-M to change the gearbox, the only thing they can provide is a completely new pump set (motor + gearbox + head).

All comments greatly appreciated !


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Idle thought. Some of these 501 pumps have a switch on the back for "low" or "high" speed. For our purposes (and using a range of pump tubing sizes) this pretty much covers everything we need to do. Does yours have one of these / ... or have you tried that already ? :)


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