Back in April someone posted here asking for contact info on Mike
Graham, a former (and well-regarded) regular in this newsgroup. I'm
posting to warn the cyber-frends of Mike NOT to give out any info on him
if they DO have it at some point -- that poster was phishing/stalking,
and she'll be back again in one guise or another. She posted under the
name of " snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com" back in April and is the same
SERIOUSLY obsessed woman ("Miss Jaime") who caused him to leave this
newsgroup and others and go underground when he broke up with her over
three years ago. She just dropped yet another little "I hope Mike's
dead" turd (totally out of the blue after an absence of 7 months) on
another newsgroup where they both used to post. I found the April
message that was posted here via Google when I went to see what other
mayhem she may be up to this time around (with the new id) and thought
I'd give people here a heads-up.
It's scary that she's STILL gunning for him (possibly LITERALLY) after
all this time, and I don't blame him a BIT for keeping a low profile.
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