Coffee pot in the microwave

I make tea in a coffee maker and sometimes it gets cold before I pour it
The coffee pot has one metal band all the way around the pot.
I have put it in the microwave for 3 or 4 min to reheat the tea and nothing
blew up.
Is it ok to do this?
I assume in cases where metal is harmful for the microwave it causes sparks.
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in article hVyWc.506104$, Kilowatt at wrote on 8/23/04 8:49 PM:
My guess is that if it works, you are OK. A GOOD conductor in the microwave will not heat up. The biggest problem would be if the magnetron gets damaged because of a mismatch. You would get similar damage by running an EMPTY microwave. The other thing to watch for is sharp metal points or edges. That could lead to air breakdown and even fire.
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Repeating Rifle
check out
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or search "unwise microwave"
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Tim Perry
040823 2349 - Kilowatt posted:
What you should do is empty the pot into a container first, then put it into the microwave and heat up the pot. Then take the hot pot out of the microwave and put the coffee or tea into it to heat it up.
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...and meanwhile, poor hot water into the cup that you will be drinking it from, but right before you poor the tea from the heated pot back into the cup, dump the hot water out. Then heat up the cup some more in the microwave, take it out and poor the tea into the cup. Lastly, soak a wooden spoon in cold water to 24hrs, then place it in the microwave for 3 minutes. When hot, insert the wooden spoon into your mouth just prior to sipping the reheated tea.
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