Good B+B or Pub?

I have some work in Salisbury next Thursday and weather / time permitting we
are going to pay Airy a visit.
We will be doing some building work. Airy is a plank so we will be fixing
him as well.
What I need is the name of a good honest hotel /
B+B in the area. I don't
want to stay in Chippenham as this will be a short visit. What we need is a
place in Salisbury for a few nights.
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Stupid boy.
"Pongo ("
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Airy R. Bean
I used to use the County Hotel quite often for both business and pleasure. Nothing flash but very pleasant and just across the road is a very nice place (The Mill or Watermill) for a drink / meal.
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Brian Reay
I suggest you try your local Tourist Information Office (TIC). They do a book-a-bed-ahead service (BABA) free of charge and I have never been disappointed yet.
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Alasdair Baxter
Would you like any help? I'll bring my own Cricket Bat (CB)
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Frank Turner-Smith G3VKI
can I come too? Robin
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Google can find almost any website and most people have website today. In some cases, a news article about a B&B shows up as a google hit and from there, you can find the number to make a reservation.
Donald L. Phillips, Jr., P.E. Worthington Engineering, Inc. 145 Greenglade Avenue Worthington, OH 43085-2264 (remove NS to use the address) 614.937.0463 voice 208.975.1011 fax
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Don Phillips

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