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This has a long story behind it, but here are the basic question:s
What is a reasonable cost for an analog hearing aid?
What is a reasonable cost for a digital hearing aid?
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Don't know. If you go to a "professional" you are mostly paying for his time and his investment. It's not hard to find ads selling hearing aids (not under that name but "wink, wink" ...) for something on the order of $20.
The professionals don't like to compete on price which usually translates to your paying about $1000.
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John Gilmer
I have worn a few different kinds and the top performer for my hearing loss are the Bernafon Swiss Ears that cost me $1100 each at Costco.
The one thing that will make all the difference in the world is the skill of the hearing aid dispenser you choose. One who wears and tries the hearing aids he fits is worth his weight in gold. The best product dispensed by a non hearing aid wearing hack with a masters degree in audiologist is worth a million "what?"s of frustration.
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