Jobs for TV chip Design talents

A NASDAQ listed Semiconductor Company is looking for principal
Engineer, architect and project mangers positions.
If you are interested in any of these jobs, please send your resume to with job title.
The company is leading fabless semiconductor company;
Main products are embedded multimedia
signal processing chips.
Job Location: Silicon Valley
1. VLSI design, Staff System Engineers /Project Manager
Experience : 5~10 years working experience in wireless communication
ASIC design
Hands on experience in channel coding, DVB-T/C, ATSC, silicon tuner
and RF system design,
strong background in telecom and wireless system. Viterbi, RS
decoder, channel estimation,
channel correction, AGC control logic and NCO design is preferred.
Familiar with Verilog,
VHDL and VCS/NC simulator. Debugging skill and teamwork are necessary.
Familiar with Verilog, Matlab and C.
2. Algorithm / System Architects / Project leader
Experience : 5~10 years working experience in DVB or ATSC system and
VLSI design.
Hands on experience in DVB-T/S system simulation, channel coding,
wireless baseband,
silicon tuner and RF system design, matlab and C modeling of full
chip and familiar with
testing and measurement requirement. Tools :Matlab, C and
VHDL/Verilog (Ph.D. preferred )
3. Principal Mixed-Signal design Engineer
5~10 years hands on experience in high speed ADC design, VCO,
Bandgap, standard PLL and
fractional PLL design in digital communication system. Experience
also include PreAmp, AGC,
LNA and low power design technique.
4. CMOS RF design engineers /Project Manger / Sr. Principal Engineers
10 or more years of experience in RF IC Design for wireless
communication systems.
Need to have CMOS RF experience. RF blocks used in Transmitter and
receivers, Front-end LNA and mixers,
basedband filter and PLL, NCO design. ATSC/DVB/NTSC Silicon Tuner
design experience is highly desirable.
5. Project leaders/Video architects
Experience : 5~10 years + working experience in video decoder design,
specifically in NTSC/PAL/SECAM decoder,
2D comb and 3D comb filtering algorithm. Understanding of various
video standard. AGC, Color demodulation,
weak signal and video post processing and VBI slicing design
experience is required.
Must Familiar with Matlab, C and verilog
6. Principal design Engineers / Audio Architects
Experience : 7 years + working experience in audio decoder design,
specifically in NTSC FM stereo including BTSC,
A2, NICAM decoding algorithm and design experience. Must Familiar
with Matlab, C and verilog
7. Senior Staff RF Design Engineer
City: Mountain View, CA
Our team develops cutting edge state of the art wireless products for
the consumer wireless mobile market.
You will have the opportunity to develop the cutting edge technology
for wireless product line.
Your duties include
Detailed schematic design, computer simulation, and verification of
RF and Mixed-signal blocks such as Mixers, LNA, Filters and
Supervising layout designers and review layout.
Debug design flow and issues.
Evaluate and characterize prototype units.
Define test specifications and interface with test engineering for
production testing.
Master's degree or PhD in electrical engineering and minimum of five
years Expertise in CMOS RF is highly desirable.
Understanding of communication systems is a plus.
Must be a self-starter, and be able to work in a multi-discipline
Ideal candidates will have experience in a number of the following
RF blocks used in receivers
Front-end LNA and mixers
Synthesizers design
Baseband blocks such as filters and converters
Good understanding of fine line CMOS processes and their models.
Familiarity with Cadence is a plus.
Good communications skills.
8. Senior Staff System Engineer
Location: San Jose
Job Description: To undertake and be responsible for Systems
Engineering tasks in the areas of algorithms research and development
Masters or Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering with emphasis in
1. 8+/4+ (Masters/Ph.D.) years of experience in algorithm development
for OFDM//QAM receivers and FEC decoders (reed Solomon,
Viterbi). etc.
2. 8+/4+ (Masters/Ph.D.) years experience in Systems Engineering for
communications receiving / transmission equipment
3. Experience with the following DTV or set top products
a. dbv-T modulator/demodulator
b. dvb-H modulator/demodulator
c. dvb-S modulator/demodulator
d. dvb-C modulator/demodulator
4. Experience with system simulation tools C, C++, Matlab, Simulink
We also need analog engineers. Duties: design analog and mixed-signal
integrated circuits in these exciting product areas,
mixed-signal audio and video products, precision audio A/D and D/A
circuits, high-speed and high-precision/micropower amplifiers
and comparators, linear and Class D audio power amplifiers, and low-
drift/high-precision voltage references.
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