Re: Fakey booted

> *two* sine waves, idiot.
>But Dinky Feel Stupid only posted one sine wave, and your ilk are
>congratulating him for his attempt with the ~23% flat peaks that in no
>way represent an AC system sine wave... and you've utterly failed to
>make one yourself... is that because you know you're too stoooopid to
>do so? Because my original rough approximation had two sine waves, no
>one else's has... thanks for admitting yet again that your Usenet Lord
>and Master is the only one who's right. LOL
Binky did a better job than you.
> there seriously are TWO.
>That's why my original rough textual approximation had TWO, you moron.
>No one else's has had TWO, you moron, so you *must* be agreeing that
>yet again your Usenet Lord and Master is right. LOL
Binky did a better job than you.
It was only triangular because
You don't know how to do it.
Binky did a better job than you.
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