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Could anybody tell me what the regulations are for installing a shower pull switch, I have a shower pull switch out side the bathroom and have been told that it has to be inside the bathroom for maintainace on the shower . I was under the impression that when maintainace is carried out you should switch off at the MCB.



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Andy Mills
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UK IEE rules OK? You can Google the IEE domestic wiring regs.

"A separate permanently connected supply must be taken from the consumer unit to the shower via a double pole linked switch with a minimum contact gap of 3mm in both poles. The switch can be a ceiling mounted pull cord type or a wall mounted switch. /The switch must be readily accessible and clearly identifiable/, but out of reach of a person using a fixed bath or shower, except for the cord of a cord operated switch. The wiring must be connected to that switch without the use of a plug or socket outlet."

Is your present switch "readily accessible and clearly identifiable"?

Assuming that it is readily accessible - then all you may need are some notices: eg a notice next to the shower, saying that the isolating switch is just outside the door, and a notice by/on the switch, saying what it is.

Readily accessible is, IME, normally interpreted as: you don't need /anything/ to access it, eg keys, stepladders, fork-lift truck. In an emergency, it could always be quickly and easily identified and operated.

Clearly identifiable means that it is either uniquely colocated with the unit - or that there is a clearly identifiable notice colocated with the unit with /simple/ directions to locate the clearly identifiable switch.

One purpose of the switch is to enable a third party to remove the supply prior going to the aid of someone who has apparently been electrocuted. Thus it does need to be identifiable and readily accessible. If it isn't, the situation must be corrected.

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Thanks for that, have checked with the NICEIC as well, it is just outside the bathroom door on the landing ( readily accessible ) Thanks Again Andy

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Andy Mills

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