This Group Blows! Bring back DarkMatter!

Have the topics gotten lame around here or what? Well I went too work
and am starting a shutdown at GE plastics. Nasty chemical plant whose
goodies include phosgene, phenol, cummene, and other various "user
friendly" materials. But any way, as you can imagine the controls in a
place like this are critical and complicated. So I might need some
help and ask a few questions. And by the way, DarkMatter come back and
liven up the group.
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Impeach George Bush.
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Mr. Sandman
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Be man enough too listen too the opinion of millions of voices.
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Johan Lexington
STFU bunghole
DM is FAR more entertaining than YOU could ever be.
Besides, based on your previous post, I assume *YOU* are "Screw you" aka "Your Special Friend" aka "Upper Class Winner" ad nauseum...?
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Morris Overmayer

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