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can anyone help me to find if lego have made any other board games?

I have two games 'lego racer' and 'lego Creator' which I bought online at smartstart-toys but have not been able to fine any others even at the lego site.

My son who is 5 loves them so I would like to know if other games exist.

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We've got a Bionicle game here, but would go over most 5yr olds heads...

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Angus Looney

The publisher is Roseart. Use your favorite search engine for roseart + lego and you will get several reviews and opportunitys to buy.

I have the Timecruisers game, but have never played it.

'Createit' and 'Race to build it' are some of the other titles.

The 'Timecruisers' and 'Bionicle' games are available at

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(I typed roseart into the search box to find those)

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Kay Archer

The Orient Expedition Adveerturer sets include a board game. The three big sets have the complete game, one each for India, Tibet and China (7418 Scorpion Palace, 7417 Temple of the Mountain, and 7419 Dragon Fortress). Other sets have additional cards that can be used in the games (7411 Tygurah's Roar, 7412 Yeti's Hideout, 7713 Passage of Jun-Chi, 7414 Elephant Caravan, 7415 Aero Nomad, and 7416 Emperor's Ship). The sets with the complete games can be combined into one larger game. The lego models make up part of the game board.

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Ken Rice

There is a very cool unofficial Lego Pirate game at

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It may be too involved for a 5 year old, but we have played it since my son was 7-8 years.

- Thomas Hoeg-Jensen

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Thomas Hoeg-Jensen

Wow! Steve Jackson is into LEGO! Wow!

Ad Astra! JuL

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Jürgen Lerch

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