Abloy lock problem

I would like to find out if I can get a manual on how to rebuild an Abloy
barrel. The lock is an Abloy 4195 model but there is no number on the
barrel. The key wouldn't go in properly so I took it apart and found part of
a match in the lock. Now I need some advice or instructions on how to
rebuild the barrel any help is appreciated.
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You must be a Foley Belsaw graduate. Only an idiot would waste time rebuilding an Abloy 4195.
Is your time worth the rebuild time?
That's the problem with Locksmiths, they waste their time tinkering with crap instead of replacing, billing the pigeon and moving on to the next job.
I knew one dude who used to scour the streets looking for those spring metal things the street sweepers left behind. He made picks out of them. He spent hours upon hours grinding and cutting them.
For $49.99 he could go to HPC and buy a real pick set. What a fool.
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Harry Harrison
a customer is not a "pigeon". someone who thinks that shouldn't be in any business. also, not everything needs to be replaced.
dought he used them as picks. tension wrenches, maybe...
one can go to HPC and buy a novice pick-set (all the picks most would ever need) for around $ 35.00
no pun intended
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hhhmmm, Yet another attempt to get free advice and instructions.
How dare you, Young Man!!!! You have hereby violated the sacred law of the Cabal!!!! You shall be tarred, feathered and whipped at sunrise-then cast into the outlands!!!!! Viva la Cabal!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just kidding. hhmm, wait a sec,,,,uuuuuhhhhh,a-hem.....a-hem.......a-hem, uuuuuhhhhh............(belch).....................oh boy,,,oh boy,,,(fart)...uuuuhhhhhhh................Call a Locksmith? Thats it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Indeed there is!
The process/condition is known as 'Rhinotillexomania'.
Some believe that eating the booger helps strengthen the immune system (I'll just take their word for it, yuck).
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