broke key in ignition

Brief Info - a ignition key to a 1995 fullsize chevy truck. Got I think
bent & broke off inside it's ignition.
They have already ordered the new replacement ignition part.
Question - They are wanting to know how to get the old ignition part off of
the steering colum?
Do they need a puller of some sort??
I guess there is a notch or something under where the igition turns.
Does it need to have something done to release it?
The Local chevy dealership isn't helpful at all in this matter.
Can any of you either point me in the correct direction on web to get the
or give me the directions yourself?
I tried to give as much info as possible. A friend called me with this
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"They" don't do much car work, do they? And haven't bothered to look at a service manual?
The cylinder removal procedure in most cars is to rotate cylinder, then depress a spring release which allows the cylinder to be removed. and replaced. It won't depress unless you _can_ turn the cylinder.
So ideally, your first step should be to remove the broken piece of the key. If you have a spare key, the whole job is done right there. If not, pick the lock to the appropriate position and remove.
If the piece is completely unremovable, you're pretty much talking about brute-force methods, drilling and the like.
Either way, you're better off calling in someone who Knows What They're Doing, and it sounds like neither you nor they qualify... Remember, the whole point of the ignition lock is to _resist_ being operated or removed without a key.
That's about as much detail as should be posted on a public newsgroup.
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Joe Kesselman
IF its a SINGLE SIDED key, then you pull the steering wheel etc..
if its a DOUBLE sided key then the lock MUST BE TURNED to a certain position, but you do NOT need to remove the steering wheel..but you got to have a couple of other cute tools that you would not have AND some explicit directions as well.
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Thanks the guy that called me he works on fords all the time. He doesn't do Chevy's. He said when he was looking at it. It was different then the fords he knew their ignition is different (naturally it's different brand).
He did notice & explained I believe he said a notch on the understand.
he called me because I do home rekeying and unlock autos I've just never done the ignitions
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