Entry Lock timed open/close for laundromat

Looking for a system to unlock the doors to a Laundromat at a specified
time in the morning.
The system needs to be able to lock the doors at a specified time in
the evening but also allow emergency exit if someone happens to stay
beyond the closing time but automatically locks after that. Also the
system should allow manual lock/unlock in case of electical outages.
Doors (one front, one back of the store) are glass with aluminum
framing. Doors currently do not have levers, electrical latch
retraction, or pushpad. Handle is a simple looped bar where people
just push and pull to enter/exit.
Appreciate any suggestions on vendors, product model numbers and/or
good locksmiths in bay area california.
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What part of the Bay Area are you in?
As to your system these are very doable, but the problem seems to be they do not work well if you have no one around to make sure the place is locked up for the night as folks tend to prop open the door and that defeats the purpose.
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Roger Shoaf
In San Bruno. Actually there is a cleaning person who cleans up the store every night and he locks up after he is done (and makes sure that nobody is left hanging around)
But mostly I want a system that will automatically unlock the doors @ 6:00 am so the early bird washers can access the machines.
Any suggestions?
Roger Shoaf wrote:
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