Lets make the software better

TreSkat - that would be "the shit" in French right...
Enough of this crap!
You have thrown the gauntlet down ...
As a certified locksmith and 12 year software engineer, it will be my
pleasure to create a complete locksmith software business offering.
Mastering (hold and vary/progressive, direct), cores and cylinders, key
control, inventory, client case tracking, ordering and invoicing...
- the whole schmear for $100.00.
I should have this ready in about 6 months. I'm just tired of all the crap
and the high costs of performing quality services for our customers.
We are trying to perform a service that involves trustworthiness,
reliability and conservation - we should expect the same from our software!
In trying to perform our duties to the best of our ability, we have had to
put up with support vendors that believe that they hold a vertical market by
the balls - so those vendors can just lick mine!
I will report progress at least monthly, take input whenever my fellow
locksmith have cool ideas (no smack, only locksmiths trying to do their job
please) and work out how to release it when nearing completion (beta
We can talk about idea input, beta testing or new features - but only with
locksmiths that would benefit - no time eating spam please.
I will not waste time on any spam/crap/self serving drivel - so don't be
dissapointed if the world did not spin around your specific mindless tripe
Thanks, David
> All of the last flames if they could be called that were too pathetic
> > to even bother with responding to. The only one I did respond to
> > seemed to take technical issue with my post which of course was
> > unspecific since everything in my post was factually dead on and
> > correct for the application in question. Judging from the other stuff
> > I have seen this guy post he has trouble walking and chewing gum at
> > the same time and I doubt anybody is gonna disagree, if they do I hope
> > he starts rambling about master and IC keying again, it serves you
> > right. He has likely never even seen the inside of a meter enclosure
> > and if he's a maintenance man I pray to god I never work in the
> > building he maintains. Nuff said on him. That said flame if you feel
> > the need. I don't care and will be simply ignoring 95% of you. You
> > have been forwarned so you know I'm not just being rude. If you see a
> > technical error that I will respond to, but you are unlikely to
> > because unlike 99% of the people that post there BS defeats and
> > exploits I know what Im talking about. One last thing I dont spell
> > check because I plain and simple dont care. If you notice a spelling
> > error feel free to point it out but I will of course be ignoring you. > >
> >
> > New standard disclaimer:This information is posted for informational
> > purposes only. Most of the stuff I post can easily be used for
> > criminal puposes. That said if you choose to do so that is YOUR
> > decision. If you are busted it is YOUR problem. I don't care and there
> > is nothing to be done about it with regard to me anyway.
> >
> > Rule of thumb:
> >
> > Max possible jail sentence * what you figure your time is worth <=
> > reward from successful crime.
> >
> > If it's not forget it.
> >
> > Dont do the crime if you can't do the time. Blake should have taken
> > this shit to heart he said it so damn much. Probably not fair since he
> > hasnt been convicted yet but I think he wacked her. Either way he damn
> > well should have come up with a better story.
> >
> > OK Ive read back a bit on here and it seems people are always asking
> > for codes to be looked up on master combo locks. You don't need the
> > combo to open these. If you want it I will give it to you. Figure $20
> > for my time to look it up. Thats better than most of the secret
> > squirrels here will give you. In the short time Ive lurked Ive come to
> > the conclusion they wont tell you a damn thing unless you know the
> > secret squirrel handshake and are willing to run around the wheel with
> > them for a little bit. Which is their perogative idiotic though I
> > think it is. You don't need the damn combo anyway.
> >
> > Method 1:
> >
> > Search the net or ebay for padlock shims. Buy a set. Follow the
> > directions included with them. Ironicaly these things dont work on
> > most of the locks they say they do but they pop master combos as well
> > as many similar ones wonderfully. The reason they do this is because
> > Master is happy to produce a POS lock with a spring loaded as opposed
> > to a dead locking latch which might cost a couple bucks more. They
> > also are content with a shackle to case fit sloppy enough to shove a
> > dead cat through. You can open them quicker by shim than with a combo.
> > Yes I have tried them. Yes they do work. If they didn't I wouldn't
> > tell you they do. If you are trying one and it isn't working then
> > either the lock is not shimable due to deadlocking mechanism or
> > inadequate clearance or both in which case it isn't the type of lock
> > Im advocating use on anyway or you didn't read the damn directions and
> > are doing it wrong, pick that piece of paper you threw in the trash
> > w/o even looking at it out and read it.
> >
> > Method 2:
> >
> > You are a cheap SOB and wont buy the shims. I will help you anyway,
> > although I shouldn't. You are probably the same cheap bastard who just
> > got his power back on thanks to me and the computers at the library or
> > whereever the hell you read my other article. OK Here's what you do.
> > First say thank you, OK Youre welcome. Now rap the lock open. Use a
> > soft hammer or other object, a shoe or boot heel comes in handy
> > especially when you forget your gym lock combo. If you don't care
> > about damaging the $2 piece of crap then use a steel hammer or brick
> > what do I care. Idealy the blows should be directed perpendicular to
> > the shackle to force the latch back via inertia, however blows
> > directed downward inline with the shackle will in practice pop the
> > damn thing open too. If it takes more than 2 or 3 good whacks you are
> > doing it wrong. If you use the soft object the lock will be undamaged. > >
> > Both these methods work on most of the institutional type locks with
> > the keyhole on the back as well. These are commonly used in schools in
> > Cali and here in WV. I don't know about the rest of the country so
> > don't ask me. Neither method will work on a good or even decent
> > quality padlock with a deadlocking mechanism unless the force of the
> > blow is sufficent to break something. So if you test this on your lock
> > and it pops open get rid of that piece of crap, spend a couple more
> > bucks and get a decent lock.
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The expensive thing in code software isn't the software. It's the data. Obtaining that without stealing it from someone else is difficult, and most folks who have it have incorporated "smoking gun" errors to enable them to detect misappropriation. Code software is thus (mostly) priced just as codebooks always have been; you're basically paying for the info, not the medium.
Other functions are straight coding, and are already available at prices not far out of the bracket you're proposing.
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Joe Kesselman (yclept Keshlam
Hello Joe,
Thanks for your input.
No, this would not include "key cut by code" lookup functionality due to the high labor overhead in keeping it complete and current.
I am talking about creating a low priced very functional and usable software package for locksmiths to build and manage key systems, inventory and customer activity.
Mastering, core tracking, key control, inventory, client lists, case management, scheduling, invoicing, etc.
The only lists I foresee using are manufacturers, keyways, finishes and the like.
While there are packages out there that perform the same things, they are sold as separate module pieces for hundreds of dollars each, and they are not integrated - you have to export from one and import to another to share the data (MasterKing and KeyTrail for example).
The more I think about the need for this, the more motivated I become to build something complete and friendly.
I am also concerned about how to provide good support while keeping the cost down, since this is a tight vertical market with a limited customer base - maybe a web site with FAQ's and daily email response that gets shared by topic to start with...
I also need to figure out a good way to allow reviewing the front end once it is created to solicit input feedback.
Thanks again for your input, David
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What's the legal protection for these things anyway? You can't copyright a list of facts unless it is particularly original -- e.g. phonebooks have no copyright protection at all.
As far as I can tell, code programs simply list all the codes they can, sorted by manufacturer, etc. They clearly have no originality. It seems that they really shouldn't be protected at all.
-- jf
"Joe Kesselman (yclept Keshlam)" snipped-for-privacy@attglobal.net wrote in news:406f2959 snipped-for-privacy@news1.prserv.net:
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can't copyright a
phonebooks have no
codes they can,
originality. It seems
the owners of these code programs have put many man hours into development. they have also spent many $$$'s in production. sure ! they should be able copy protect their product.
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You can't copyright facts. You can copyright a collection of facts.
Typically, what phonebooks and codebooks and so on do to protect themsevles is insert a certain number of bogus entries in places where they won't be noticed. If anyone else reports that same error, it's clear where the data was swiped from and this IS legally actionable as a copyright infringement. Filtering out those "smoking guns" comes close to being as much work as gathering the data in the first place, so your odds of being able to achieve it aren't that large.
But that shouldn't stop you from trying to invent better software. Work with partial or dummy data until you've got something you like, then license one of the databases or try to sell your software to one of the current publishers.
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Joe Kesselman (yclept Keshlam
Have you any idea how much work goes into correlating that "list of facts" into something useful? If there were no copyright protection for code program data then what would happen is obvious: Those who compile the data at considerable time and expense would compile new data to stay current, everyone and their brother would copy the information and sell it for a pittance making the whole enterprise unprofitable and those who compile the new codes would simply cease resulting in no new code info.
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