Locksmithing is as dead as Linux

I worked for a locksmith named Jake when I was in college last year, my
senior year and I learned a lot from him.
He worked up in New England, on the east coast and he made a killing
during the summer tourist season.
His motto was
"stroll em' and roll em' " and that's what he did and he did it very well.
One thing I learned was that honest locksmithing is deader than Linux at
It just not exist because in order to turn even a small profit from
locksmithing the locksmith has to beg borrow and steal......
Or cheat......
And that's where the scam starts......
Jake had an in with all the dealers in town and he got profits off of all
the tourists cars he had towed to the dealearships.
Jake had his Foley Belsaw Diploma hanging proudly in his van, but he
ignored the Foley Belsaw Code of Ethics and Conduct.
Thank God I am studying to become a Vet rather than working lockouts the
rest of my life.
What a slimy job that would be.
Even worse than being Linux programmer.
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Quinton Magee
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Mike Easter
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Peter Köhlmann
you are right: Locksmithing is as dead as Linux...
of course neither locksmithing or Linux are dead!
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Good point, if there are locks, there will be a need for locksmiths.
By comparing Linux to locksmithing, would you be advocating
That we should stop locking our doors (no locks, no locksmiths).
That we should switch back to Windows - which is like having a screen door with no locks?
I guess I'd agree with that?
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Sounds like most of the "presidents of the u.s." we've had of late.
Listen son, one thing is for sure, if you want to get ahead in life you have to lie, cheat, steal, murder, etc., all those good things.
I have never "gotten ahead" in that sense. To me it isn't worth it. But, you, are another story.
I wish I was back in Switzerland.
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