Mind reader game

Joe, you woulda done same as I did.... probably better.

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Stormin Mormon
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I dunno.

Who top posted?

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cyanoacrylate c5h5nO2

A troll. Don't feed it.

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Joe Kesselman

Like I said: data entry.

Why? So I can use big words like you and sound important?

No thanks.

You might need this:

formatting link

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Red Neckerson

'Key, snipped-for-privacy@Ya.Net, the obscene, stitched great ape, and employee responsible for removing stones from the fields before planting, ministered:

What a unusually calm and considered approach you have.

When a client points out to you they cannot enter their house, do you kick the door in?

But a "shit" enough for you to throw your toys out of the pram, huh?

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Overlord Gerhard Gablingspear-Fengerchidge

You'll have to get a new group, we're taking alt.locksmithing over.

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{pointless obfuscation snipped}

Curious. From here it looks like you're involved with yourself.

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