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Anyone usesd HPC FSR 100 for Sch F Series Knob &/ or Lever remover? How about HPC KiK R100 Ket in Knob remover? Will it work on ALL knob cylinders? Any comments appreciated. William

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William S. Gilman
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no, no and no........

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OK here are my comments.

First off these devices force things that are really un no need of forcing. When they apply the force, damage is done and that damage is not easily rectified prior to putting the lock back in service.

Traditional methods are usually as effective and the time saved is of marginal value.

Pick the lock and save your money on these "tools".

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Roger Shoaf

Hello, I have used the LHR-100 for many years without damaging anything including the retainer. I suspect the KIKR-100 works the same way. John Middleman, CRL

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That is because shit for brains (aka key) is not a locksmith.

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