New Louisiana Locksmith Law

New Louisiana Locksmith Law

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How much $$ is the license?

I just read it quickly but it looked like if you do automotive only, You would be exempt.

And this bill will stop..??

It clearly states that construction companys can install their own Hardware, during new construction or a remodel (vague).


Looks like just another "TAX" on the small businessman.

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Key, Looks like your state did the same thing NC did. They tied our hands and freed the hands of tow truck drivers, auto clubs, and others that do lock work but don't call themselves locksmith. Then they charged us $100.00 for 3 years. Something is surely wrong with this. It just isn't fair. OK...all you state law advocates let me have it...but I just don't think it's fair. Danny :o) Danny Williams Danny's Locksmith Service Fayetteville, NC

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