Phoney Antique Padlocks on eBay

These things are all over, sad but true.
They are mfgd in the middle east and aged w/acid.
They say: Winchester...
Folsom Prison...
Union Arms Locker...
etc & etc....
I just wanted to give you a heads/up.
Whover is importing an tarnishing them is really doing
a good job on making them look authentic.
You can always tell by the keys.
Genuine locks would have keys w/holes drilled
up the shaft. They are all very similar in shape
& they always have two orig. keys.
What's the chance of that?
See Items :
All very "good" fakes.
I would like to know who is behind these.
I've seen them at local antique shows/flea markets
going from $50-$200.
Somebody is "cleaning up".
Anyone have a line...?
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There have also been fakes with bogus engraving.
Where there's a market, there is cash. Where there is cash, there's someone who will try to take it away from you. Caveat emptor, ALWAYS.
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Joe Kesselman
So what is new? After the Bastille was stormed, blacksmiths did a roaring trade in making and selling fake Bastille keys.
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