Recommended Reading. Know of Any Good Books?

The topic of the week is "Recommended Reading".

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Do you have or know of any good books that you recommend other locksmiths read?

Go ahead and post them.

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I am retired so I am not eligible to join your group. I do not have: Company Name Company Street Address Company City, State, Zip, Country Company Telephone Number Web Site Address

I clicked on the link but it wouldn't let me read anything. I guess I have nothing to contribute. So I will go to a website where I am welcome. Tom

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That's why I put this on there: "If you don't have all the information above, that's fine. Send us what you have." I hope that wasn't too confusing for you.

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Snide comments probably won't drive too much traffic to the old google adds.

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One book that I think every locksmith should have is the Machinery's Handbook. When questions arise about how to figure the proper speed to run a drill, key machine cutter or the size of drill bits and properties of different alloys, this is the book with all the answers.

A 30 year old one is probably sufficient for the lockshop, new these books are really pricey.

An interesting book you can download for free from project Gutenberg is called Industrial Biography-Iron Workers and Tool Makers. This covers a lot of the movers and shakers in the industrial age including Brahma and the story of his famous lock.

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Roger Shoaf

Audels "Machinists and tool makers handy book. Is another similar text (I have both). I'm not sure if it is still in print. Mine dates from the early

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I just bought Bill Phillip's Locksmithing book on Amazon. It's used and it's from 1999, but locks probly haven't changed that much since


544 pages of information for 6 dollars. Sounds like a deal to me.

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