Good morning,

Can somebody tells me what is the french word for "impressioning" ? It is not "impression" nor "impressioner", and I did'nt found a correct translation on Google.

Tnx Denis

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The term as used here is "to create a key through filing by hand after examining the marks left on the key due to attempting to turn the lock".

It's 'jargon' so I don't think you'll find a french translation.


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Well, I imagine that there are French locksmiths, or Quebecois locksmiths that do it. What do they call it?

Hmmm, now I am seeing visions of Pulp Fiction...

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There's some things that just don't translate very well. "Hari-Kari" or "Fargvenhugen".

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Stormin Mormonn

Remember, you're asking about French. Given the officially reactionary position against adopting any word that even MIGHT have first been in English, I suspect that it's nothing intuitive.

(In France, a CD must be referred to as a DAN, for Disque Audio-Numerique.)

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Joe Kesselman (yclept Keshlam

Yes , it is exactly what I mean, and there is no locksmith near my home. I don't want to call one only for such a question. I hoped there was a canadian locksmith reading this NG. Thanks Denis

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Boy, talk about stereotyping.....

I am a Canadian Locksmith ,and guess what....?? I don't speak french.....

Not all Canadians speak french....(in fact the majority don't....)

now , if you had asked for a locksmith from Quebec ,you might have better luck.....

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link to a french canadian locksmith supplier....try sending them an email and asking them the question....

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Galaxy Master

Thank you for the info. I'll try Denis

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Ok I asked on and I got the following response and I quote it in its entirety with express permission of the author.

---- direct quote follows as posted to General Discussion Forum on Internet-Locksmithing.Com Guys,

I live & work in Quebec. Most of my work days are spent communicating in French. Although most of my efforts concern safes, I have had occasion to speak about impressioning locks to French speakers.

I've heard, "faire une clef par impression" (make a key by impression), used by many locksmiths. Of course, the pronunciation is not the same.

But the word in both French and English are spelled and used the same way.


--- end of quote

-- A

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