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Looking for used Framon Sidewinder or similar. Also ilco RW2 or
similar. Have a used HPC Punch for sale to legitimate locksmith
company (will need proof) $750.
S.O.S. Lock Service.
Woodburn, OR
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might try him.. plus, he trades as well.
you REALLY got a demand for a Sidewinder? used mine 3 times now in 10 years and am just getting to have more of a need for it.
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On the flipside, Key: You may want to try using a newsreader that can display discussions as threads; that context makes the who-is-being-replied-to much more self-evident.
(I agree it's good practice to include some reference in the body of the note, but it isn't necessary in this case -- if it isn't a reply to you, just ignore it.)
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Joe Kesselman
I prefer to bottom post under the quote I am responding to. some choose to top post over over everything. (like you have done) either way, it helps make it easier to know more of what one is responding to.
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Hey Key,
I use outlook too and have it set to quote the previous post. I also prefer to reply under the quoted text. Problem is Outlook puts it at the bottom, under my sig file. I haven't figured out how to change that - other than copy and pasting it to the top manually.
Is there a setting I'm overlooking that will automatically put the quote at the top of the message?
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Bob DeWeese, CML, CJS
Properly attributing, citing, trimming, and contextualizing is the correct way.
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Quoting Style in Newsgroup Postings
Correct. You need to disable autosig.
Outlook OL, the MS Office MAPI client, is not Outlook Express, OE, the newsreader and mailagent.
Without a 3rd party application like OE QuoteFix, OE's autosig doesn't work right. In order to cite, trim and contextualize most conveniently, there should be no misplaced autosig, so that feature should be turned off. Your cursor should start at the top which is where you start down from for your trimming. Anything cited which is encountered on the way down which you are not going to be 'addressing' or talking to in your post should be deleted.
Whenever there is something you /are/ going to reply to, that should be 'retained' ie left undeleted and followed by an empty line and then your reply there. If there is anything else in the quoted text below to what you are going to reply, it should also be retained and answered in context. Everything else, most especially including the cited's sig, which OE without QuoteFix won't auto trim, should be deleted.
Only after all of that cleanup and posting of your reply is finished should your sig be placed at the bottom, where it belongs. That does not happen automatically. You can use the toolbar 'Sign' tool or ctrl-shft-S or alt-I-S -- but OE will not handle autosig correctly.
OE was 'designed' for the corporate type of email TOFU correspondence, textover fullquote under, in which the complete untouched text of what came before is retained below - typically referred to as 'top posting', and not appropriate for conversational newsgroup discussions
Top posting is an understatement of that style. That style is untrimmed non-contextualized top posting. There should be no such thing as its 'opposite', untrimmed non-contextualized 'bottom' posting. The debate is between trimmed and contextualized versus untrimmed noncontextualized. And, depending upon where such a debate is taking place, there is also no debate.
There are a very few newsgroups in which topposting is tolerated or even preferred.
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Mike Easter
good advice that's why I prefer OLE to OL......
ya forgot to add; quoting takes the use of the "cut & paste" function.
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