Carpet Redyeing

An advertisement shouting the praises of doing something with
appearance damaged carpet has appeared in the local rag 'The Mail'
last Wednesday.
If you got to the website
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they basically slag off everyone else as 'fly by nighter overextended
cleaners' and claim their system with:
'the same dyes as as used in mills; a safe non toxic mix that is
guaranteed for the normal life of the carpet.'
is the only way to go. However, I am suspicious of any company that
claims to be the only outfit that can do a particular job. How much
truth is there in thier claims? Has anyone had their carpet dyed
that would like to share their experiences?
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No experience but I think it is possible. Nylon and wool are easy to dye but I doubt they can strip old dye first which means they are adding additional dye. There sample photos show going from a light, almost virgin fiber, to dark.
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Frank Logullo
I'm an engineer for a carpet manufacturer, and so I have a dog in this fight. Why don't you just go ahead and buy some new carpet? ;-)
FYI, when carpet is dyed at the mill the dye is "set" using a steamer to hold the material at 212 or thereabouts for 5 minutes or so. Then the carpet is dried using natural gas ovens, which also helps to keep the carpet and dye at a high temperature, further setting the dye. You're not gonna duplicate that process on the living room floor.
Overdyeing is a short term solution, and isn't going to give the same performance. Even if the dye holds up (not likely) most mill-dyed carpets have stain and dirt protecting chemicals applied (e.g. stainmaster, which is a topical anti-stain solution added during dyeing, and Scotchguard, which is an anti-soiling topical solution added later in the process). Both are applied after dyeing. I don't think the spray and pray guy is going to do that...
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Kyle Boatright
I thought 3M withdrew Scotchgard from the market, due to fears about perfuorooctanoic acid (PFOA).
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Mark Thorson
They are still selling. To consumers.
See website below....
I had heard a rumor of discontinuation of Scotchguard..... but it was certain spray products were being discontinued and newer ones replacing them.
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