Worth to mention: Backup of all science related forums.

Worth to mention:

From what I see, all important science newsgroups are being backed up online at

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We'll be able to find all our posts and answers to them, even if they are long time gone from all newsgroup servers, which is pretty good idea I think.

As someone already mentioned, Google groups are the best place to go, but Google has thousands of topics and newsgroups... and it's very hard to get around in such overload of information, that is at least in my opinion, don't you think?

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has it all in one place, simple for beginner, also good for scientists to find their topic right away.

Website and forums order looks good to me as well.

Anyways, I just though it's good to have it in our favourites.


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Thanks for posting that valuable info. I do use Google groups for most archive searching, but this could certainly narrow down a particularly science-focused search at times.


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