Bozo alert to professors and teaching assistants: Metallurgy term paper sold on eBay

Last Wednesday on eBay somebody actually paid $125 for a metallurgy
paper titled "AISI 4142 Steel for Automotive Crankshaft". It was
advertised as having obtained a grade of B+ in 2002 from Prof. Robert
Baren (Temple U.?) The listing indicated that all journal and
literature search material was included. The listing actually was for
a sale at $0.25 (to lower eBay's charge?) with shipping and handling
of $99.75 and shipping insurance (required) of $24.95.
I assume the buyer intends to fraudulently pass this recycled work off
as his own. The only way to stop this kind of crap is to let everybody
know what is being tried, and make the investment worthless. Maybe the
buyer just got a different kind of education than he planned!
Pittsburgh Pete
We don't believe what we write, and neither should you. Information
furnished to you is for topical (external) use only. This information
may not be worth any more than either a groundhog turd, or what you
paid for it (nothing). The author may not even have been either sane
or sober when he wrote it down. Don't worry, be happy.
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Pittsburgh Pete
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