Help required : FEM Code in c++

Hi all,

I am Raghavendra..I have a Bachelors in Mechanical and Masters in chemistry from BITS,pilani,India...I am interested in learning FEM by coding in c++..i have basic overview of FEM but wanna have a better feel of FEM through c++ coding...can any one help me out in this regard or suggest some projects and guide me through it..any help in this regard would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Cheers Raghavendra @ Rags

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Dear rags:

1) you won't get a better feel for it by becoming immersed in administrivia (aka. coding), 2) you will get a better feel for it by top level control.

Google: "c++" "finite element"

219,000 hits.

You can sure get lost doing something that is already better handled by freeware. To say nothing about simply getting the job done by learning how to set up the problem correctly, and seeing what happens when you don't.

David A. Smith

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