Tribology, Open Bering Designer position with Rolls Royce in Indianapolis, IN.

Tribology, Open Bering Designer position with Rolls Royce in
Indianapolis, IN.
My name is Scott. I am the Aerospace Engineering Recruiter for Rolls
Royce here in Indianapolis, IN. I am looking for candidates that may
be searching for new positions in Tribology.
I currently have an open direct position with Rolls Royce as a Bering
Designer that may be of interest. Below, you will find a detailed job
description stating what I am looking for in a candidate. Please, if
you know of anyone that is searching for employment, have them contact
Thank you very much for your time.
Here is a job description.
Functional Job Title: Mechanical Engineering, Specialist
Position Requirements: Bachelor of Science or equivalent, M.S.
preferred, college degree required, mechanical engineering preferred.
Must have a high level of analytical ability to deal with challenging
engineering problems. Needs good command of the English language for
communication in both written and oral presentations. Must have a high
level of interpersonal skills to work effectively in a team
environment. Must be motivated to accept responsibility and accomplish
results for the customer.
Position Responsibilities: Facilitates teamwork between many
disciplines i.e., manufacturing, quality, engineering, etc.
Independently conduct analyses on gas turbine bearings using the
latest computer codes, SHABERTH and ADORE. Evaluate results and make
recommendations to designs. Participate in formulating research
programs. Prepare and report technical information. Acquire and
maintain a working knowledge of latest advances in bearing technology.
Perform detailed rolling element bearing design including:
- Detailed geometry analysis
- Knowledge of effects of various geometry features on bearing
- Lifing analysis
- Contact loading and stress analysis
- Shaft fit and clearance analysis including limited thermal analysis
- Effects of high speed operation including skidding and ball
excursions Knowledge of bearing materials
- Understand strengths and weaknesses of various aircraft bearing
- Understand basics of bearing metallurgy and heat treatment
- General knowledge of coatings used on bearings Knowledge of
- Understand tribology of bearing contacts
- Understand effects of various lubricants on bearing operation
- Understand effects of various oil supply systems Perform complete
bearing failure investigation
- Understanding of visual inspection criteria
- Understand differences between bearing failure modes
- Understand metallurgy of bearing failures Knowledge of bearing
manufacturing processes
- Effects of design features on manufacturing costs and delivery
- Familiarity with the criteria for vendor audits
-Basic understanding of Non-Destructive Inspection
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