Seems quiet on sci.engr.metallurgy?

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Didn't this same phenomona (growing dis interest) happen to the "CB" radios in the late 1970's?
Ed Vojcak
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Edward D. Vojcak
The group is still "Active", but in a real sense, it isn't "Active" at all.
There are too many responses with no information and "Google It Yourself" or "Go To The Library" type answers.
It is true that over the last couple of years, the number of "Can anyone give me the properties of 124ZYX alloy" have been beaten down by referring the requester to information web sites. And, this is good because it helps the requester help himself.
I can't really explain the tendency to so many answers of NO help.
After a while, it is likely that people will get tired of that.
There doesn't seem to be much lively discussion of anything either.
So many of the replies are so short you almost feel the actual pain the typing of words must cause some who reply with impressive brevity.
Brevity isn't a badge of honor, and it isn't a sign of competence.
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And a lot of answers come in email and aren't posted here! :) That's been my experience with Sci-Groups questions anyway.
Don't know why. Wonder if it's something like they are at work, sort of goofing off, but want to help anyway and can't risk putting their address on a newgroup?
Or had bad luck on NGs with being attacked/second guessed for their answers and don't want to deal with that?
Alvin in AZ
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