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"The kid" was trying to weld irrigation pipe today. My Century 500 (private
label Sears made by Lincoln) Mig welder was giving him fits. The wire will
hang up just 1/2 a second every now and then. Changes the arc length on him.
We've replaced the liner and feed rolls, no joy. Any other suggestions?
Also, I'm looking for a manual. Anybody know of a link?

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Karl Townsend
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I was having trouble with my Lincoln that sounded like that. It was the crappy little contacts in the handle. I still have to replace it, but it's working now, sooooooooo ..............
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Steve B
Replace the contact tip.
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Stuart Wheaton
Does the drive motor that feeds the wire have brushes? If so, check them.
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It's not something silly like the other end of the wire sticking out of the side of the reel catching on something sometimes, is it?
Mark Rand RTFM
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Mark Rand
Mark Rand fired this volley in news: snipped-for-privacy@4ax.com:
Yeah, Karl. Replace the damned worn-out (or wrong-sized) tip. Once a tip gets severely over-sized, it tends to allow the wire to wobble around instead of staying in constant contact with some part of the bore. When it does, the wire "spot welds" itself to some part of the bore of the tip.
The wire must always contact the bore _firmly_, but not tight, or this will happen every time.
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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh
It can't be both a Century and a Lincoln, they're competitors.
Check the condition of the wire. My little Lincoln SP125+ exhibits the behaviour you describe with wire that is dirty or even mildly rusty as in corroded or tarnished. I never leave wire in that machine, always bag it after use and backfill the baggie with dry argon from the TIG. No problems since I adopted that practice.
Mr. Miller (Millermatic 210) does not require such TLC. The little Linc works superbly with thin metal like autobody so I tolerate its fussiness about wire condition.
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Don Foreman
LIncoln bought out Century a few years ago.
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