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A week or so back I enquired here with a turning question - how to repeatedly locate bar stock pieces in lathe for a small batch job. I got some good suggestions. I cobbled together a stop that sits in that spindle bore. Pics posted to the dropbox - it aint prettty but it works fine for what I need! r.

chuck_stop.txt chuck_stop1.jpg chuck_stop2.jpg chuck_stop3.jpg

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=========== Thanks for closing the loop.

Nice Job.

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F. George McDuffee

My Uncle Schlomo was fond of saying, "Pretty is as pretty does."

You have nothing to be ashamed about, that's a nice job!


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Jeff Wisnia

It looks good. Anyone who spends much time prettying up a jig doesn't have enough work to do. I am kind of attached to the shop's collet setup, great for repetitive jobs

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Stupendous Man

Cheers guys, thanks again for the help! r.

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