Coating for acid exposure?

I have a job rebuilding a bottle filling machine used to fill quart and gal
lon bottles with various acids. Need something to coat the steel frame with
to try to prevent as much corrosion as I reasonably can. Carboline epoxy p
aint over a zinc rich primer comes to mind but I was wondering if something
like the urethane bed liner would hold up to the acid exposure. Anyone eve
r try something like this to protect from acids?
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Contact Rhino and Line-X and ask them.
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Bob La Londe
SWAG: Porcelainize the exposed parts, since nitric doesn't eat glass? Lesser acids would be easier to protect against, but WTH. Maybe this link will get you further in your search.
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Larry Jaques
What comes to mind are Teflon (PTFE) or silicone. If you are dealing with strong acids, there should be a fume hood and controlled airflow, to limit fumes and remove any droplets in air suspension.
Glass is attacked by HF, and stainless will rust if exposed to HNO3, most paints are attacked by H2SO4...
It's possible to get Teflon heat-shrink tubing, or silicone hose, in a variety of diameters.
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Heat shrink would just conceal the corrosion, unless you can guarantee a hermetic seal. I'd guess some sort of epoxy paint, or maybe even enamel, very heavily applied and maybe a couple coats, would probably be better.
There probably are specialty coatings for this sort of environment.
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Jon Elson

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