logarithmic exposure control

Another question from henners.
According to the acad2004/viz references, logarithmic exposure control is
useful in conjunction with radiosity. Exterior daylight option should be
checked if the scene is outdoor. It also says that Logarithmic exposure
control is great for animations.
However, what if I want to create a walkthru from outdoor to in? Checking
Exterior daylight option renders interior too dark. Unchecking it renders
exterior too bright?
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You could try using "Automatic" instead of "Logarithmic" (I use Viz4, but VizRender must have it too?).
The other option is to render the two walkthrus seperately and then combine them later.
PS - I don't know if you're aware of them, but there's some very good newgroups dedicated to Viz, ADT and VizRender on the Autodesk server. I know the Viz groups have been a ton of help for me and the "Vizions" group is full of inspirational work.
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Michael (LS)

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