Profiles in ACAD2004, ARG!!!

Dear Alt.CAD.AutoCAD Group,
I am configuring AutoCAD MAP 2004 for a large rollout. I just found
that the s/w likes to copy tons of info to each individual Windows
"Documents and Settings" profile; instead of placing everything in to
a default location like "C:\Program Files\AutoCAD MAP 2004\...
I am currently hacking the ARG, but fear that this will haunt me for
some time.
Does anyone know how to circumvent the multiple profiles situation
and get me setup to a generic and simplified default location?
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Cant you set this up using an Admin acount and tell it to make available to all users?
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I found out yesterday that Autodesk wrote their code to match Windows XP, which does not allow the "Users" group to write any where, but to their own "Documents and Settings" profile. Thus any thing that the non-Admin/non-Power Users, can edit must be placed in the "Users" profile. Yes an Admin or Poewr User can write in other places, but AutoDesk still placed the PC3's by default into the "Users" profile.
All of our "Users" will be set to "Power Users" by default. Based on that, I want the Deployment to place all of the distributed files into the same old place, "C:\Program Files\Autodesk MAP 2004\Plotters"...
I'm working the TRANSFORM file over right now. I'm getting a LOGFILE error right now though.
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