I'm using acad2004 adt with viz renderer.
I quite often model buildings in levels, i.e. with layers:
l1_walls, l1_windows, l2_walls, l2_windows.
This allows me to create the whole thing bit by bit and view various levels
in isolation.
However, this causes problems with my radiosity rendering. Since l1_walls
and l2_walls are two objects, they are interfering with each other during
radiosity calculation when they really shouldn't do.
E.g. l1_walls and l2_walls are coplanar, but they end up slightly different
shades because of radiosity. It all looks fine without radiosity (except it
doesn't look as good!!!).
I also find that radiosity doesn't give satisfactory results on booleaned
(if there is such a word) solids. It's much easier to fix problems like
this in 3dsmax, but not in AutoCAD.
Does anyone have a solution to this?
Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering
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Try using subdivide modifier to make a finer mesh, so it captures more detail. Maybe choose to weld vertices upon import (in the file link manager).
--- stefkeB ---
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