File guy at Cabin Fever (contact info?)

Those of you who attended Cabin Fever,
While there, I picked up a die filer, with one file.
This was *after* I passed buy the guy selling files.
And I didn't have time to go back to check, later, with SWMBO
trying to pull me out to beat the snow and sleet on the way home (which
we did).
Now -- I discover that the fellow selling files had die filer
files as well.
We didn't get the usual printed matter listing the exhibitors
and vendors. (Was there any?)
So -- does anyone know how to contact him (and what his name is)
without waiting for Iron Fever and hoping?
P.S. For this, I welcome either posted responses, or direct e-mail,
though if you do both, I would appreciate a notification in the
body of the e-mail.
Others interested in die filers may prefer that the responses be
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DoN. Nichols
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Hi Don,
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D> Those of you who attended Cabin Fever,
That would be the standard practice for us all I believe...
I sure didn't see the usual programs this year either. More to the point, neither Sam nor Amanda ended up with programs. Given their incredible scrounging skills (from some unknown influence...) I have to think programs weren't around this year.
Well sure!
Slav's Hardware Store Slav Jelesijevich 2023 W. Carroll Chicago, IL 60612 Ph: (312) 455-0430
Didn't think I'd loose track of a guy who stocks 4 and 6 cut escapement files from Grobet and Heller did you? :-)
Cheers, Stan
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Stan Stocker
Received and acted upon (and private thanks already sent).
I wonder why?
[ ... ]
Again -- thanks, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols

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