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Many apologies, but my Vaio laptop video died, and I had to get a new system. Searching did not come up with a working method...

How do you add the newsgroups to a filter? I added newsgroups with customize, but running the filter on the NG does not reduce the number of posts. I do not care for stuff on various social or racial groups, or conspiracies, etc.


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Louis Ohland
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You can't "delete" the newsgroup posts. All you can do is mark them as already read.

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Delvin Benet

Kill threads with "K"

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NEWSGROUPS - CONTAINS - (name of NG you wish to filter on)

Perform these actions:


This works for me. Of course, this does not actually delete these posts from the net, it just prevents them from displaying. I have one filter set up for cross posts, and two twit filters. I routinely see 4-500 new messages when I start downloading headers, but usually end up with anywhere from 25-100 posts.


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Jon Anderson

Do you filter on specific group names, or any cross posting? If on any cross posting, how do you do it?

Thanks, Bob

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Bob Engelhardt

Here is a link to an earlier post I made here explaining it:


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I believe if you want to block all xposting, just put in a comma in the contains line. I just set it up, soon find out if it works.

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Good idea! I love it. Even if it doesn't work .

Please let us know.


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Bob Engelhardt


Have you plugged the vaio laptop into a video monitor ? - e.g. maybe the LCD died or the LCD driver - but the video output on the back is a different chip or part of the same.

Might be able to pick up a nice one for a bill or two - maybe less if you don't dig into the wide Hi-def versions.


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Martin Eastburn

Select the newsgroup to read - start reading one and then go to tools/filters - and the news group will be there. If you select a user first - it will be a news group filter for that name.

Mart> Many apologies, but my Vaio laptop video died, and I had to get a new

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Martin Eastburn

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