Failed Thunderbird

My Freightliner and thunderbird 57,s were on running in duty tonight. While the freightliner performed superbly and managed an 18 wagon (empty) Bachmann intermodal train with ease, the Thunderbird developed a faulty bogie / wheel problem. Worse one direction than the other, a sort of thump - thump - thump sound to it, more noticeable with speed. I guess it could be a wheelset problem. Strange thing is this was after about an hours use!

Also lost an aerial already!

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Sounds like a piece of flash from a gear stuck between the gear teeth. Could also be a split gear.


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Wolf Kirchmeir

Wolf Kirchmeir said the following on 30/11/2005 02:26:

Nah - this is just a prototypical wheel-flat!

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Paul Boyd

tonight. While

bogie / wheel

thump - thump


Best then email Jeff@ ....!

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Class 87s used to make that noise (and probably still do) when the traction motor brackets broke. A bit more expensive to fix on the real thing so count yourself lucky : )


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Luke Briner

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