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I want a class 20 in DRS livery, circa 2002+. I presume the later Bachmann models will make a good base. Pots of DRS blue paint are out there I am sure, as most of the bits (light clusters) are probably available from Howes?

However, what about transfers? I have been told by Fox that they don't have them as DRS wont give them permission / licence, so are there any 4mm scale DRS transfers available?


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Lancaster City Models ( snipped-for-privacy@aol.com) do the transfers I'm told - however, the Bachmann Class 20 isn't accurate for a Class 20/9, and certainly not accurate for one of the refurbished 20/3s. :( I don't know of any conversion parts as the differences are numerous.

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Rich Mackin

"Rich Mackin" wrote

It's certainly not just a question of repainting either a Bachmann or a Lima class 20, although I would certainly discard the latter as a basis for conversion.

Clearly Simon needs to study a whole series of photographs of the loco he wishes to recreate and make a detailed study of the modifications necessary.

I'd have thought the Bachmann model was as good a starting point as any of the other options.


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John Turner

I think that *most* of the DRS 20's have one of the plain side doors replaced with a grille fitted door (left side looking from the cab, just in front of the fueltank. I've just finished fitting DCC and lights to a couple of DRS 20/3's - including full day/night headlights, markers and tail-lights. I haven't fitted any lights to the bonnet end as they'll normally run as a pair. Also just done Harry Needle's 20096/905 in triple grey, with full Express lighting kit plus a centre high intensity headlight - now that was a b*gger of a job........... These two have larger footplate mounted fuel tanks when compared to the DRS 20/3's. Also note that the 20/3 and 20/9's have been fitted with new window frames that have "square" corners as opposed to the original rounded windows. A1 Models does replacement etch overlays for these. Incidentally my loco painter has his DRS 20 transfers specially done, in a similar fashion to some etched 57 nameplates as mentioned in another thread............!!

Cheers, Mick

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Mick Bryan

So who is it?

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