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Have got one of the class 20's from bachmann, however unlike all the other bachmann models l am running, it seems incapable of passing over any facing points without becoming derailed. Does any one else have this problem with this loco?

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No problems with mine - but I've read in Model Rail that it could be the sand pipes fouling the bogies - that MIGHT be your problem (and if it is, why don't I suffer the same problem too?)

-- potter55(at)

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Dave Potter

Check.... Move the 20 very slowly in order to ascertain which set of wheels on which bogie is/are causing the problem(s). Have you checked the back-to-back measurement of all wheels....just because it's new it doesn't mean it's perfect, er...I'll re-phrase that for the peds. anti-Bach's including those who don't like the in-built faults. The wheel-settings may not have been set as they should have been o-) Usually about 14.3mm to 14.5mm between the back-faces of the wheels.


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