Bachmann Class 45 PCB

Hi all,
I finally got my hands on the Modelzone class 45 Royal Marines...
brought back memories of my youth... Very nice model, by the way!
Anyway, I opened it up to install a decoder, and checked the Bachmann
site, which says to remove all capacitors and inductors. I'll do that,
but then what is the point of the PCB? It's not as though there are any
sounds or lights on this loco as standard, so it seems to me to be a
waste of time.
So, should I just dump the PCB, and wire it all directly, or leave
things as is?
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"" wrote
You'll get the best operation from the 45 doing that, but you'll have more work to make the item saleable if ever you want to part with it in the future.
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John Turner
Morning All, Hi Ian,
Nice model perhaps, but even though I checked mine in the shop, on closer examination later I have found that the chassis hangs down at one end. I thought the driver looked a bit low in his cab! (I'm sure John would now say, take it back to the retailer.) This is not the first time I have had to return an item. I would open up the model and check what's wrong myself but why should I when I've paid out. As I did check it in the shop first though and did not notice, I'm wondering how I will be treated this time.
The last failing, if you are interested, was one missing safety valve on their 9F.
Check your models well.
Cheers, Frank
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John, and anyone else who is interested,
I just removed the plastic covers on the wire connections to find they are not even soldered! So, that makes my life a lot easier... out comes a strip of veroboard and I'll wire it up directly.
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Ian Cornish
You could try a TCS A1/A6 decoder and slide the wires onto that in the same way as Bachmann have done. Done this on a Hornby 50 as replacement for the circuit board.
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