Bachmann Class 20

It arrived today - some first impressions:

- peculiar treatment of the sandpipes which are thick plastic and do not align with the wheels

- front (non-cab end) steps not lined up with steps on frame

- red wires behind bogie frames very conspicuous (why not use black?)

- as with many diesel models, seems to sit too high on the bogies

- can't check dimensional accuracy as I have no drawings (let the magazine people do that!)

- cab side windows not flush whereas rear cab windows are!

Having said all that, on the plus side it runs pretty well straight from the box....

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Nick Palette
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Do you think it screams 'class 20' at you when on your layout? Or does it look a bit wrong?


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"mutley" wrote

There's one sat on my layout right now and it looks the business to me, but I've not compared it yet with drawings or photographs. Runs *really* nicely!


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John Turner

Hope you paid for it ;-)


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Nick Gurney

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