Green Bachmann Deltic.

The February issue of BRM has a photo of Bachmann's model of D9004 in two-tone green livery, so it's time for me to slip into "nit-picking" mode again!

I'm disappointed to see cast-framed bogies on this. There's nothing wrong historically with this (Deltics having changed to cast bogies in

1965), but Bachmann's rendering of the fabricated bogie is a lot better. The axle-box covers have been painted yellow with a red stripe, an embellishment occasionally seen in that period. The sanding filler flaps have been added as printed black outlines. The flaps along the bodyside are well out of position. They are too high up and too near to the nameplates. It's hard to see the flap on the nose corner (next to the tail-lamp) in the BRM photo. Boiler filler flaps have also been printed on.

Unlike the model of 55020, this does at least have its worksplates correctly positioned. This time they are printed in white outline.

Moving on to the livery, it is noticeable that the light grey band along the roof is a bit too wide. The join between the light and dark green is a tad low, judging it in relation to the cab steps, but a pretty small error. The real Deltics had at least four variations of the small yellow warning panel (sometimes changing on individual locos) and that seen on Bachmann's model appears to be correct. Some of the details don't have the correct colour. The buffers are black (should be silver apart from any grease). The draw-hook is red (this plus its surround were nearly always black). The windscreen wipers are black (should be white).

In the photo in BRM, you can just make out the distortion on the nose top that I described in an earlier thread. The centre line of the nose top has the correct overall drop (although with some slight distortion along its length). The side edges of the nose top slope slightly more steeply, hence you can gauge the size of the error in that photo and decide whether or not it is acceptable to you.

Ian (Freelance artist not connected with Bachmann nor BRM :)

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Thanks Ian

I will be having one of these, just can't resist and it will be the best model of a Deltic that I have in my collection!

CDs are still in regular use, oh what fun my neighbours must be having with

55s thundering out of my stereo :-)
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A sensible comment in admiss the rest.

On the basis that Bachmann can gets some things correct take a look at the kit built A1 on page 50 of BRM - the cab looks all over the place.

Mike Parkes snipped-for-privacy@mphgate.removetoreply

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Mike Parkes

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